Miss Prominent Pearl Cotillion

Twenty Pearls Foundation, Inc.


The Cotillion originated in the 1700’s, but was refined in France. It was originally a complicated, but lively, group dance that was performed at balls. It developed into a ball where families introduced their daughters to society, indicating that they were of marriageable age. Today cotillions are sponsored by African American organizations all over the United States.

Historically, the African American community is culturally rich and its long-standing traditions, such as cotillions has thrived for decades. Participation in cotillions is a timeless tradition that has endured and continues to this very day. Cotillions are most known to be sponsored by fraternities, sororities, and charitable organizations. Twenty Pearls Foundation carried on this timeless tradition. While cotillions were originally focused on affluent families they are more inclusive today. Funds raised from cotillions are generally used for scholarships and to support community and national programs.

The Cotillion is a formal ball, where the Debutantes are formally presented or introduced to society. A premier objective of the cotillion is to present poised, sophisticated, well-educated young women with high morals and ethics, high academic achievement, and ambitious goals for their future.
Lastly, the Cotillion allows family and friends to share in the joy that each Debutante experiences through her sense of accomplishment and completion. Participants make lifelong memories and bonds of friendships they will cherish long after the Cotillion ends.

Our Cotillion is open to young ladies and young men who attend a public, private, parochial or charter high school. Participants must be at least 16 years old and in their sophomore through senior years. This is an excellent opportunity for our young people to build lifelong memories and form special bonds of friendship as they prepare for the future.


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