Cotillion Participation Fee, Tickets and Ads

Debutante Application and Participation Fee is $500.  
Escort Participation Fee is $250.
You may also pay online via PayPall for an additional service fee

2017 Participation Fee
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Tickets for the 2017 Miss Prominent Pearl Cotillion are $75. Please contact a Debutante, Escort or TPF Member to purchase dinner tickets. You may also pay online via PayPal for an additional service fee. Tickets and ads must be purchased no later than April 23, 2017.  

Dinner Tickets
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Advertisement Options
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Please email your ad to [email protected] after submitting payment.

If you prefer not to pay for your ad online, you can print and fill out the ad form here and submit it with payment to any Debutante, Escort or TPF Member. Checks should be made out to Twenty Pearls Foundation, Inc.